What's Next for Online Art Galleries?

July 16, 2020

Online art auctions have never been more alive. For the most part, the COVID19 pandemic may have taken its toll over small to medium size galleries, including the ones born online, but it has also pushed them towards the edge of fully utilizing the virtual environment right under their noses. It has also meddled with the way we consume art in almost as much the same way we curate art.

The digitization of art spaces is not a stranger to artists. We've even witnessed how traditional art had blended with contemporary trends in recent years. The online art venue has turned into a microcosm of both rivalry and appreciation in real time, making artists communities thrive despite the technical sophistication and challenges along the way. The cyberspace is not any more an option than a necessity. Artists are no longer simply the ones sitting behind easels sniffing turpentine but also those browsing a repository of SERP-friendly hashtags.

Even though more established galleries may be sitting back unmoved by the new normal and, thus, having the upper hand in all the chaos, but let's not forget that digitally native ones may also have a specialized recipe for success, as well as, the resilience to survive. 

While there's no telling when virtual art galleries would really dig deeper grounds in the cloud-based platform, it is no doubt that this temporary shelter shall stay longer than anticipated. The art world will continue to adopt and evolve as physical contact with any tangible surface and objects remains limited. Travel, being one of the hardest hit industries, could also see setbacks in shipment and fairs in the next couple of years. 

On top of this, some social networking sites are empowering content creators through interface upgrades. This could help artists claim back a bit of their independence in promoting their own artworks and art collections while bypassing authority.

Whatever lies ahead, online galleries will continue to transform or probably see breakthroughs as time passes by. Art galleries, in general, could run into a steep path to recovery, but the virtual world is undoubtedly rolling out a promising one.

Image credit: Naobim | Pixabay

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