Lines of Lila: Scribble Art for Two Generations

August 09, 2020

Lola (Grandmother) by Lila Marquez | Lines of Lila

I've spent a few days making scribble portraits and thought of creating timelapse videos while I do. I was so hooked on growing a couple of unrelated projects on YouTube and it hit me that my old channel for Lines of Lila is just lying around waiting for the next century to pass by. So, since I have a fascination for sketching generation portraits, I grabbed my pen and scribbled away.

There are a couple of things I've learned along the way, though. First, I knew I had to upgrade my camera - I used my laptop camera to record the sessions - to give the video quality a boost, of course. And second, find themes that interest me the most or subject that I really care about.

Some of you who have been following me are already familiar with my animal and vegan themed artworks and art series. I have also done sketches depicting animals in the past, even prior to focusing on line art, but I figured my heart really belongs to creating art for animal advocacy, and I feel like I'm in the right track right now.

"Lola" (Grandmother) and "Bata" (Child) do serve as a precursor to this project, though, so I thought that even with animal themes, I'd be creating portrait sketches on occasion, probably even work on merging the two. "Lola" exemplifies my fascination for the elderly. The wisdom in every line, the stories weaved together to complete the whole picture, intrigue me. The piece explicitly highlights "aged lines" running alongside the lines that I etched into the picture myself. While "Bata", on the other hand, speaks to me in childhood memories. The nostalgia is like the tip of the pen poking on paper.

In my upcoming projects, I'd be exploring animal and human relationship and lifespan. I highly doubt that integrating generation themes into the subject of animals would be hard, but it would surely be a challenge. I've done so in my earlier works for The Art of Compassion project, anyway.

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