The Art of Compassion Project Promotes Veganism in Online Auction

July 10, 2020

The world is getting smaller and smaller for the online art community, no thanks to the pandemic. However, being caught up against these challenging times did not stop artists of all walks of life from jumping into the digital bandwagon, in full force, as the virtual space hits the highest records of traffic since early January of 2020.

One particular art movement, the Art of Compassion Project (AOC), remains steadfast in its vegan advocacy and support of charities that promote veganism worldwide. Hosting its first online exhibition, with the theme "What does veganism mean to you?" the artists collective features some of the best artworks by vegan artists from around the world.

AOC is gearing up for its upcoming participation in various online auctions, as well, including the much-awaited VegfestUK Summerfest Online kicking off on 15-16 August 2020.

Image credit: Tinkl Illustration, Hear Them Sing

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