Art Diary: Gentle Lullabies

November 10, 2020


Parenting while art-making hardly comes with rainbows and butterflies. As soon as you're done with one task, it's almost impossible to start with a clean slate once you've spent your whole day juggling between tasks and running errands, among other stuff. I'm really not complaining, though, because looking after my child is my priority, of course, plus channeling my energy on painting can somehow keep my mental health in check.

So, I put up my memento of Alf, my tuxedo cat who passed away two years ago. "Remembering Alf" is my way of celebrating the life we had shared together because of all the animals I had adopted, he filled a special place in my heart. 

I also kickstarted my second series of animal art with "Mayumi", a statement on nonhuman animals' personhood and autonomy. I thought it's high time that we face the elephant in the room, especially right after my "Animals are People, Too", and be persistent in taking a stance against the commodification of animals. 

All of my current artworks are relevant to my first animal art series which includes "Gentle Lullabies". It's like weaving an ode to motherhood, reminiscing the children you've kept safe and lulled into their dream worlds, be them human or animals.  

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Art Diary: Gentle Lullabies

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