Artsy Eyewear You Cannot Unsee

June 28, 2022


Don’t we all love receiving weird, unusual gifts? Well, at least some of us do. No one forgets that funny propeller beanie, or the famous yakkity yak chattery teeth, or even the not-so-grouchy Groucho glasses from yesteryears. These nostalgic uber-popular retro novelty items have kept soaring to popularity that they have passed on their artsy genes into the world of today despite their quirky appearance. And speaking of Groucho glasses, which one of these odd and peculiar eye-wearables do you think will rise to stardom like the rest of the trendsetters out there? Let's find out.

HB Eyeglasses


The pen has always been a mighty ally, but this pair of eyeglasses with HB pencils is on another level. These specs are not your usual eye best friend. In fact, these glasses can stand as your writing companion drawn from a weird perspective, pun and all. Wearing it must feel like wearing your thoughts all the time.

Crown Sunglasses

Ok. We get it. You want to be the king or queen of specs. Do wear one of these and go ahead, flaunt that royal flair at children’s parties. Just try not to get decrowned while playing with toddlers, though. Just pretend you've still got that iron-clad fist to reign over your party playmates and their imaginary friends.

Dollar Sunglasses

A-dollar-an-eye pair of glasses that looks so cool, methinks, it would give eyewear and other novelty item designers a run for their money. Just watch out for specs snatchers lurking behind the shadows in your neighborhood.  

Straw Eyewear

Now, can we drink to these super cool frames made out of swirling straw? Obviously, we can! Feeling thirsty yet? This one-of-a-kind novelty eyewear can make you multitask as you can wear and drink from it your favorite orange juice at the same time, while waiting for a date or your favorite TV series.

What are some of your favorite artsy-craftsy novelty eyewear? Have you received one as a gift yourself? Share your story.

Feature image: Girl with red hat | Unsplash

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