Meet the line breaker

Hello. I am Lila Marquez - internet explorer, social media trumpet, rainbow gatherer, coffee maker, can opener, and proud litter box manager. Most of all, I'm a line breaker. 

Painting and creative writing make up most of my waking hours, even though I do not have an artist's studio nor a writer's desk. Lines of Lila is my art portfolio and a virtual pot into which I could pour all my daydreams and nightmares. Sketching is my first love, my vital force, my eyepiece into the hearts and minds of people and the world. In art-making, I use various media, including hairdryer, fingers, feet, and tears of joy.

Now, in other stories...

I'm a Kuwait-based writer who grew up and studied Comparative Literature in the Philippines. My feature articles, regular columns, caricature, and satirical comic strips have been published in Kuwait's local newspapers and magazines from 2007 under a pseudonym. My writings and artworks have also appeared in a couple of literary/art publications in Kuwait and abroad. I also undertake commissions for charcoal portraits and caricature pieces from time to time. At present, I am copywriting full-time for a local niche publication. Outside of publishing, I've been involved in a few community social works.

Also, I am currently working on my first coffee-table book.

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