A Calendar for a Cause: AOCP's 2024 Calendar For Sale

November 21, 2023

Winged Hope by Lila Marquez (Lines of Lila)

The Art of Compassion Project (AOCP) has launched its 2024 calendar project which aims to raise funds for The Farm Animal Sanctuary in UK. The selection of artworks was held through voting on the official Facebook page of the AOCP. Vegan artists around the world participated and thirteen artworks from six different countries have been selected to be featured in the 2024 calendar, which is now available in print-on-demand (POD) format

2024 Calendar - The Art of Compassion Project

The selected artworks are as follows:

Honoring Riya (Cover Art), Beth Lynne Gregerson (USA) 
Delicious Broccoli (January), Anne Sopart (Germany) 
Pearl with Daughters Judy and Jewel (February), Beth Lily Redwood (USA) 
Louis (March), From the Farm Animal Sanctuary, SpaceCat (Netherlands) 
Love (April), Amelia J. Zimmerman (Australia)
Cosmetics (May), Payal Jagdish Salot (USA) 
One in a Million (June), Philip McCulloch-Downs (UK) 
Winged Hope (July), Lila Marquez (Kuwait) 
Live and Let Live (August), Lisa Goldberg (USA) 
Ruby (September), Troy Fox (UK) 
Foie Gold (October), Susan Steenhuis (Netherlands) 
Not Dinner (November), Emma Lord (UK) 
Calf with Robin (December), Maria Tiqwah (Netherlands) 

Click here to order the calendar. 

Featured image: Winged Hope by Lila Marquez


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