VIDEO: How I write a poem in real life

June 09, 2023


First and foremost, this is not a "how-to" post. There is no one-fits-all formula to writing a novel or a poem or basically any literary form. Everything depends on a person's circumstances, or how they go about their own lives, and many more.

As someone who came from a non-privileged background, I have not had the ability to buy a personal computer or a laptop to hone my skills in a variety of ways. That is why when you see me writing with pen and paper it's because I really got used to these media, not because of some sentimental, gatekeeping BS. Of course, I am also productive when writing on the PC. After all, my day job requires me so.

But before you watch the video below, viewer's discretion is advised. You may not find some parts of it to your liking, because I did intend to irritate you in those parts. Of course, everything is open to interpretation, and I'll leave you to that.

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