The Many Styles of Creative Mess

June 27, 2022

Artistic curiosity does not need a cat. Creative clutter is a learning process. I always take interest in exploring multiple possibilities and embracing the chaos in search of order. It's human nature, I guess.

Being a "Jack-of-all-trade" doesn't mean you can't be a master of one. It's a fallacy. You can excel in one or two fields and still learn another. It's ironic how those who think otherwise claim knowledge is powerful, hence, as a result inspire less of the society. Shakespeare must have rolled his eyes. 

When I studied Comparative Literature, I had to take the basic subjects, then enlist in various disciplines, e.g. visual arts, psychology, economics, political science, broadcasting, philosophy, history, theatre, natural sciences, and others. Comparative Lit is a multidisciplinary course. It's a prerequisite that the student understands the other components of the human experience to produce meaningful interpretations of a literary text. 

I've never dreamt of becoming an "expert", anyway. An expert ceases to explore. In art-making,  I believe the identity of an artwork does not merely rely on style but also on the personality of the piece itself. Mastery has always served the artist but not so much the art-making. It hinders growth and compartmentalizes skills.

Remember when as a child you were asked what you wanna be when you grow up? And my mom would always contradict that by saying I could be anything I wanted to be. That I can be someone.

I agree with her. Living a monotous life is a dead end because life is a non-stop learning train.

Image: "Music and Literature" (1878), William Harnett 

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