The Age of Designer Face Masks

August 22, 2020


Remember the last time you realised you needed to cover your face when hanging out with family and friends? Yeah, it's today-time -- the time you are obliged to not remind people how you look like. 

Disclaimer: I'm in no way opposed to wearing masks, of course. Covid-19 is yet on a killing spree. 

But I sure do applaud people for spicing up the game and adding the creative in "disguise" with no less than the most debated object of the decade, the mask.

Snarky Face Mask

The retro-inspired fabric masks for women sport snarky and funny sayings and dialogues that intend to show off your personality (and probably kick your enemy in the face, too). If that doesn't spell cool, I don't know what is because this might come in handy at certain times (if not most times) in the workplace. If you know what I mean.

Available at HoneysuckleMay | Etsy

Abstract Art Face Mask

Designed by independent artist, Linda Woods, the mask a la abstract painting is called "Fragments 2". It's probably great to don one of these with a matching gown or motif at a formal gathering or a date night. I mean, why wouldn't you wear one over your plain ol' mask while at your cousin's wedding? Probably give visitors art lessons, too, while you're at it. 

Available at Fine Art America

Textile Art Face Mask

If you're looking for tribal patterns and textile art, then these handmade Mola masks from Colombia are the answer to your quest. I personally love buying hand-sewn products anyway, especially those that demonstrate the craftsmanship of indigenous communities. I'm always inclined to support these crafts primarily for aesthetic reasons. And I see absolutely no reason why you shouldn't. 

Available at Isasuma | Etsy

Feature image is based on original design by lenahelfinger | Pixabay

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