Humorous Art that Tugs at your Funny Bones

August 27, 2020


If you haven't been scouring Instagram for fun finds then you're definitely missing out on a web-ful of hidden gems right under your nose. One moment you're bludgeoned with a dozen of ASMR posts and the next you're chuckling over hilarious memes. Clearly, you'll never run out of amusement. But here's what's more fascinating. The platform also houses a plethora of  humorous art which you can bet your life on, I mean, save for the rainy days. 

Things I have Drawn

Siblings, Al and Dom, as well as, their dad, Tom, are behind the Instagram account. It features the kids' doodles which are then turned into photo-realistic scenes by their father. Now, if you recall your first drawing of your dog when you were about 4 years old, imagine that in a real-life scenario. Now, imagine that the dog has three eyes and two snouts. 


If you happen to have a cat whom you'd like to scare by showing them their fuglier alter-ego, then perhaps you can show them one of Dailypurr's drawings. They are exaggeratedly minimalist doodles of cats, and they look hilarious and barefaced awkward. The artist also receives requests from humans to take their cat overlords' portraits, probably as some kind of payback or something. 


Feature image: Annalise Batista | Pixabay

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