Learning the lessons of life in continuing education

June 07, 2023


For the past few months, I've been enrolled in several refresher courses in literature to prep for my upcoming year-long writing marathon and revamp a defunct literary research (this could get personal so read at your own discretion). I signed up for a couple of literary theory and criticism plus writing composition courses to brave the flood of reading materials, from classical to contemporary literature and essays. It felt just like the old days of swimming through shelves after shelves of books during my comparative literature studies in college.

I also took library information courses, with concentration in digital humanities, data sciences and librarianship. And, of course, advance courses in digital marketing and copywriting have always been indispensable for me because, you know, bread and butter. 
All of these exciting continuing education courses and more have flourished in the digital space for the past couple of years and have empowered educators and students alike in pursuing continuing professional development. A few of these well-known learning management systems (LMS) online include EdX, The Open University, Coursera, Google Digital Garage and LinkedIn Learning. I'm sure there are a lot more and each of these educational sites could cater to any niche and specialisation, in terms of career development.

As an artist, embracing this new form of learning enabled me to explore fresh concepts and realities in life that could nourish my art-making and whatever form of creative activity I indulge in. Earning certificates is just a bonus. In my personal opinion, all of these lessons are important in navigating through our society, and give each one of us a clearer view of our motivations and life goals. 

Are you currently pursuing some courses to enhance your skill set, advance your career or shift to a new career? Share your experience in the comment box.

Feature artwork: "Random Scribble" by Lila Marquez

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