A poem dedicated to migrant workers

April 07, 2023


The Kuwait-based writers group focused on writing and publishing migration literature, Pluma Migrant Writers Guild, has recently posted one of the poems from its latest publication. The poem, titled "Verbs of the Same Feather," and written by contributing member, Gina Testigo, talks about the challenges faced by migrant workers. 

It was published in Pluma's second anthology, Meridian: A Journal from Everywhere, a collection of poems, flash fiction, and artworks that tell the stories and share the thoughts of contributing migrant writers on topics of identity, homesickness, the challenges of living and working abroad and many more.

In my view, the poem reflects a deeper meaning on the search for identity in the diaspora, economic insecurity and the issue of export labour policy boldly expressed in such a compact piece. The poet has eloquently interwoven these complex concepts in a few, tangible words as the poem goes: 

They gather as countrymen, where words
could mean nothing but a familiar place,
a certain level of currency, moving places
within a public order, among the frying pans,
the brooms, the hammers, and the laundry...

Artwork: Hope for the animals by Lila Marquez | Lines of Lila at www.linesoflila.com

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