The Art of Surviving the Coronavirus

June 21, 2020

It's been a long three months but up to this day, we still bear the burden that the COVID19 pandemic has brought onto our doorsteps. Indeed, these are dark times. I've witnessed the desparation and frustration of people as they try to hold onto their sanity amidst the lockdowns and curfews conjured up by the coronavirus. People have lost jobs, income, careers, homes, and especially, loved ones. I asked myself many times, "When will this end?" only to stare in the eye of an elusive answer. The struggle is far from over.

Since my trip back from a much needed hiatus, I've noticed that as humanity headed back towards the cave of isolation, the digital landscape was shaken by the upsurge in traffic from everywhere. While life moved in slow motion outside, inside our screens is a bustling neighborhood. Emojis were all over the place. Almost all of us felt the desire to reconnect even if it's only in the virtual world. That sense of reconnecting evoked some kind of comfort and warmth in one way or another. Our minds traveled to intersections of social media spaces, hoping to find consolation. We may have had become experts of social distancing offline, but we remain social beings in the cloud.

Image credit: Annalise Art |Pixabay

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