Art Diary: Artwork for the Animals

October 30, 2020


After spending a few weeks with my digital switch turned off for health reasons, I was also working on some art pieces that were long overdue. Mainly as therapy, art-making has become my escape room. I fought tooth and nail trying to break away from the weight of the pandemic, at least temporarily,  especially that my pending art journal was finally ready. 

The thing about Covid19, the occurrence not the disease, is that it has a way of eating up the digital space that it leaves our cyber-selves vulnerable. For all we know, it could also be considered as some sort of a malware in the context of the digital world, so to speak. But since I was resolved to dedicating the next couple of months into making more animal art, I focused on finishing my vegan-themed drawings.

My new painting is my recent submission to The Art of Compassion Project, titled "Animals Are People, Too". If you've been following my blog, you should already know that I've taken part in this initiative for almost two years now and that you can find my participation on the official website

For this piece, I've pondered all over again on the personhood status of non-human animals. The voice for animal rights is finally winning more ears across the globe and I have set my vegan art advocacy towards this cause. All of what I've reflected on will be depicted in my upcoming sketchbook which I will be sharing on my social media pages, too. Hopefully, I'd be able to pull this off amidst the rest of the unfinished art articles for this blog, which include my feature stories on graphic novels and caricature. So, please stay tuned.

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