The rise of green art

August 13, 2017

Not too long ago, the green revolution had lurked in every corner of the world, including the art world, spewing discreet messages of mindfulness and consideration for the planet. 

Artists with the likes of Marina DeBris and Aurora Robson, to name a few, have leaned toward countless alternatives and explored new media to embrace the mindset, as well as, to advocate the so-called Ecological Art or "Eco Art".

And until recently, quite a few companies that sell environment-friendly art supplies have kept popping up like mushroom everywhere. From sustainable canvases to eco-friendly paint, efforts relatively doubled up to reduce our environmental impact in the art scene, such as:

  • using eco-friendly art supplies like hemp canvas, recycled paper, bamboo brushes, water-soluble inks, and other supplies made from sustainable materials
  • avoiding cancer-causing chemical-based pigments and toxic solvents
  • practising proper waste management and disposal
  • adopting energy-efficient practices in studios such as the use of natural lighting 
  • reducing, reusing, recycling, and upcycling
  • buying local

...and a lot more.

I'm guessing that in the nearby future, a great deal of approaches and innovation in art-making and creativity will continue to carve a paradigm shift to breed the next generation of eco-artists that will support the cause. 

What earth-friendly art-making practices and materials do you exercise and recommend? Drop your thoughts in the comment box below.

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