Banksy's art sneaks behind walls

August 26, 2017

"Snorting Copper" by Banksy, 2005. Photo by Steve Cotton,
"Snorting Copper" by Banksy, 2005. Photo by Steve Cotton,

The art world knows Banksy as the unidentified graffiti artist (irony intended) whose art has wall-walked England's streets and elsewhere. But no one's for sure if there are Banksys lying underneath the country's rubble and paint-overs, until "Snorting Copper".

The artwork was rumored to have been in hiding in an old public toilet in East London. Vandalized by the local council and recently unearthed by a property developer, says the New York Times, "Snorting Copper" depicts a cocaine-puffing cop that's no more than oblivious to unseen onlookers.

The wall art's restoration is scheduled on October 5.

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