ASIA NOW 2017 to spur dialogue through contemporary art

August 20, 2017

(c) Courtesy Magda Danysz. Liu Bolin, view of "When you see me, I see you", 2017.
© Courtesy Magda Danysz. Liu Bolin, view of "When you see me, I see you", 2017. Installation made of 32 head sculptures made with electronic circuits, copper wires, cameras, CCTV device and a screen.

ASIA NOW, the first Europe-based boutique art fair driving home contemporary Asian art from both emerging and established artists, is opening its doors to around thirty international galleries for its 3rd edition running on 18-22 October 2017 in Paris.

Magnifying on Korean contemporary art this year, ASIA NOW has glued its eyes on the Korean artistic scene, spearheaded by curator, Joanne Kim, side by side the Busan Biennale curatorial team. The fair will feature avant-garde performances by one of the leading performance artists, Jooyoung Kim, as well as, a series of film screenings by contemporary artists such as Kelvin Kyung Kun Park, Ayoung Kim, and Lee Wan.

Director and co-founder of ASIA NOW, Alexandra Fain, conveys the crux of the fair's agenda, which is to encourage "reflection and thinking by taking on a fresh look at Asian contemporary art through a programme of rigorous exhibitions and engaged relevant conversations". She posits that one of the fair's aims is "staying selective while revealing the diversity of practices and exposing the most thorough experimentations of the Asian scenes". 

ASIA NOW is drawing a note on the value of artists hailing from more than 10 countries in Asia, while exploring new perspectives, issues, and transformation in contemporary Asian art and its market. 

Visit ASIA NOW's website for more info.  

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